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Our Fleet Management Program handles the daily logistics needs of top hospitals and facilities, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Eliminate the cost of employing and managing a fleet of drivers;

Salaries, overtime, vacations, health care, retirement, breakdowns, lease payments, fuel, repairs, tolls, parking, insurance and all of  the headaches that go with them.


Enjoy the peace of mind you'll find working with an agency which prioritizes  customer service, accuracy in reporting, and establishing meaningful                relationships of trust through solid performance and transparency.  


We'll provide you with a designated driver(s) who will become an integral part of your operations and service team.


Our polite, professionally attired industry veterans will know how to cater to the specific needs of your organization. Our people take pride in representing you well by performing their deliveries with the kind of dutiful tact which inspires confidence in customers. You and your clients will be happy to see a Medi Courier coming through the door.


HIPPA / OSHAA Certified Delivery
  • On-Demand pick up and delivery

  • Immediate response

  • Constant monitoring

  • GPS tracking, Barcode scanning, etc.

  • Real-time transparent reporting and chain of custody validation

  • Same day - less urgent

  • Lower cost, same quality service

  • Dedicated professional courier

  • Daily, Weekly or Month to Month

  • Collection of specimens

  • Distribution of supplies, reports, instruments and equipment

is the preferred method of transport for critcal items traveling between hospitals, laboratories, doctor's offices, research facilities and learning institutions. Some of our services include the following:
Fleet Outsourcing
and Driver Placement
Specimen Transport

Medi Courier can provide home delivery of medical necessities as well as convenient pickup & delivery of prescriptions to individuals.

Home Prescription Medication Delivery

Medical Professionals' #1 Choice in 

New England since 1985

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Urgent Pickup & Delivery

Same day Pickup & Delivery

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