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Fleet Outsourcing

Medi Courier's dedicated fleet program manages the day-to-day logistics challenges
of your business so you don't have to.


Top hospitals and instututions trust Medi-Courier's knowledgable dispatchers and professional deliverymen to perform their deliveries with the kind of dutiful tact which inspires confidence in clients and fosters growth in organizations. Liberating your team from the troubles involved in the hectic world of same-day/emergency medical transport will afford you the opportunity to strengthen the areas of your business which are most important and focus on what you do best.


You establish the relationships with your customers and Medi Courier will bolster them through the solid performance and service on which we have built our brand. It's simple, outsourcing your fleet boosts organizational efficiency and directly contributes to your bottom line. Our customers find working with Medi-Courier to be both a financial and operational victory.


Eliminate the overhead cost of employing and managing a fleet of drivers;

Salaries, overtime, vacations, health care, retirement, breakdowns, lease payments, fuel, repairs, tolls, parking, insurance and all of  the headaches that go with them.


Enjoy the added comfort of working with an agency which prioritizes customer service, accuracy in reporting, and building meaningful relationships of trust through transparency. 

Our courier outsource program will provide you with a designated driver(s) who will become an integral part of your operations and service team. Our polite, professionally attired industry veterans will identify your specific needs and treat them as their own, proudly representing your organization with their hard work and consistency. Your staff will always be happy to see us coming down the hall.


Our courier outsource program provides you a designated driver(s) to assure the consistent completion of your deliveries. Each agent is experienced in medical delivery processes and procedures and has received a comprehensive safety orientation. All of our drivers are OSHA and HIPAA compliant. They are equipped with a blood and fluid spill kits, carry all appropriate tools of the trade, and are fully licensed, bonded and insured. 



Medical Professionals' #1 Choice in 

New England since 1985

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